An Introduction to Paradigm by Puloli™

Kethees Ketheesan and Kevin Koehler founded Puloli with the goal of revolutionizing private networking for enterprises.

Drawing on their extensive experience in last-mile wireless communications, they recognized an opportunity to leverage advances in software-defined radios and full-stack software implementations of traditional cellular network nodes.  After being accepted into class 13 of the Alchemist Accelerator Program, they and the Puloli team began developing a complete, turn-key, network-as-a-service solution for private enterprises.

Looking across enterprise segments, Critical Infrastructure Industries had arguably the greatest need for secure, private, standards-based networking. Add to that the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm – which opened up opportunities to disrupt legacy communications technologies and outdated, non-scalable application models – and the focus for the Puloli team became clear.

Today, Puloli’s networking solution with vertically integrated IoT applications is finding a perfect product-market fit in methane monitoring as-a-service.  In 2022, the team defined an application framework for methane monitoring and has since combined state-of-the-art sensing hardware, edge compute, reliable private networking, and cloud-based analytics to create a true solution-as-a-service based on the modern IoT paradigm. The end result is the launch of Paradigm by Puloli™, a cutting-edge IoT solutions-as-a-service, and its methane monitoring service offerings for the energy industries.

The “multi-lingual” founders, fluent in both tech and energy, founded the company on March 24, 2016, paving a bright future for novel SaaS services, tools, and purpose-built platforms.

Kethees Ketheesan is the CEO of Puloli. He co-founded the company in 2016 to offer private IoT solutions using a Network-as-a-Service model. He has over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry.  Prior to Puloli, Kethees held leadership roles in engineering and management for companies large and small, from well-established multinationals to early-stage startups. They include Netscout, Newfield Wireless, Telephia (Nielsen), Venturi Wireless, Interwave Communications, and Motorola. Kethees holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. He has five granted patents from the USPTO.

Kethees Ketheesan

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Kevin Koehler is a co-founder of Puloli and an expert in wireless system design, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.  Throughout his career, Kevin has led the realization of innovative wireless networking solutions. He has managed diverse engineering teams and brings a depth of knowledge to Puloli in the areas of hardware and software architecture, RF and baseband design, system testing, and field support. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University and a Master’s degree from Stanford University in Electrical Engineering.

Kevin Koehler

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Puloli’s mission is to provide IoT solutions-as-a-service to critical infrastructure industries. Our solutions are SLA-backed, fully integrated, all-inclusive offerings – so that our customers can trust outcomes and focus on what they do best.


Our vision sees us as a key player in enabling a world where devices seamlessly communicate with other devices and humans in an internet of things that significantly improves the quality of life, increased efficiency of resource utilization, preservation of the environment, and the emergence of sustainable lifestyles.

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IoT solutions made easy.

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