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Disrupting Tradition: The Future of Methane Monitoring Lies in Turnkey Solutions

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Reducing methane emissions on a large scale while minimizing costs is a major industry challenge. There are many reasons for that, including implementation cost, expensive hardware, use of resources, scalability, data transparency, and overall technology performance. This industry-wide challenge allowed Paradigm to apply its expertise in modernizing IoT solutions by building a reliable and secure full-turnkey Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS) for continuous methane monitoring.

The Paradigm solution, M-Series™, is a vertically integrated end-to-end turnkey service that enables immediate implementation at scale. The SaaS offering allows energy producers to monitor facilities holistically versus piecemeal. The Paradigm M-Series™ is the total package for your monitoring needs.

The Paradigm Promise:

  1. An all-inclusive approach: The hardware, software, and connectivity are bundled together, minimizing the complexities and challenges of integrating multiple components from different vendors. Paradigm uses state-of-the-art TDLAS methane sensors, anemometers, and edge compute devices to guarantee top-quality components for seamless workflow and data collection.
  2. Zero disruptions: Paradigm is fully responsible for every aspect of deployment. Monitoring stations are installed around the perimeter of the well pad or production facility while production operations are ongoing. No customer IT or OT personnel are needed.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Paradigm’s turnkey solution offers a predictable pricing model with its subscription-based pricing, which helps energy producers manage budgets and avoid unexpected expenses associated with maintenance, upgrades, and support. The M-Series is the lowest-cost methane monitoring solution at-scale in the industry. Zero cost to implement. Zero cost to maintain.
  4. Scalability and Flexibility: Paradigm’s turnkey solution is designed to scale basin-wide, allowing energy producers to expand the solution as their needs evolve quickly. This scalability ensures that the methane monitoring solution can grow with the organization and adapt to changing requirements without disrupting ongoing operations.
  5. Validated data: The M-Series is continually undergoing single-blind testing by reputable experts to evaluate its quantification performance against CSU METEC Advancing Development of Emissions Detection (ADED) primary metrics.

The future of methane monitoring is undergoing a shift in performance expectations, and Paradigm by Puloli™ stands at the forefront with its M-Series™. By addressing the industry’s pain points, Paradigm has modernized methane monitoring and redefined the standards of accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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