The IoT continues to expand, with more and more devices becoming connected to the internet and to each other.

As the need to analyze complex, large-scale data sets and to coordinate across multiple stakeholders becomes increasingly universal, a robust ecosystem of cloud-first, data-centric software solutions has begun to emerge for the energy industry. At Paradigm by Puloli™, we are applying science more so than software or communications.
We provide purpose-built IoT applications to transform operations with automation, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making.

Paradigm is shifting how energy producers take in advanced field-verified data in real-time and translate it into actionable data for driving efficiency operation-wide. Paradigm translates data collected from production sites from continuous monitoring systems into timely, transparent, and trusted data. Applying the Paradigm IoT Solution, M-Series™ addresses continuous methane monitoring and measurement, leading to mitigation efforts based on data-decision making.

Energy IoT: Measurements, Reporting, and Verification

Upstream and midstream companies seeking a reliable and effective solution to measure, report, and verify methane emissions.

Power Utility loT: Monitor, optimize, and improve energy distribution

Utilities aiming to monitor both electric and gas energy consumption, optimize energy distribution, and enhance their production leading to reduced costs and greater sustainability.

Water Utility loT: Increasing Water Efficiency and quality

Utilities and Municipalities seeking to monitor, measure, and improve operational efficiency.

IoT solutions made easy.

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IoT solutions made easy.

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