Paradigm by Puloli™ offers comprehensive all-inclusive IoT Solution-as-a-Service.

Paradigm is the only IoT Solution offering end-to-end IoT solutions for monitoring emissions basin-wide for operators who seek a product differentiator through more responsible operations. Paradigm has designed a vertically integrated end-to-end turnkey service that enables immediate implementation at scale. 

How does it work?

Paradigm deploys and operates the entire service as an independent entity, and the energy producers simply subscribe to the all-inclusive service based on a Service Level Agreement (SLA).  In Paradigm’s full turn-key SaaS, the energy producer does not purchase any components of the solution, nor is any support required from the energy producer’s IT or OT teams for implementation. Paradigm deploys with ease and assurance of zero disruption to ongoing operations. 

Data is collected at the production site using the latest sensors and edge compute devices. Data is captured and transmitted via a sophisticated private 5G-IoT network owned and operated by Puloli. The cutting-edge cloud compute analytics platform employs advanced atmospheric models to calculate methane emission volumes and pinpoint emission sources. All computed measurements are delivered to the energy producer’s SCADA/IoT platforms in real-time. 

Monitoring stations around the perimeter of the well pad. (Methane Sensor + Edge Compute)

Private 5G-IoT network provides high-quality, reliable, and secure long-range connectivity.

Cloud Compute provides scalable infrastructure for atmospheric physics computation and data analytics.

Data delivery interfacing to external servers/platforms for providing computed measurements.

Paradigm M-Series™ allows for operational efficiencies.

Paradigm’s M-Series™ allows energy producers to continually improve operations. Paradigm offers 24×7 continuous methane monitoring services to energy producers seeking to reduce their emissions. The service enables these producers to fully transform their emission management program by managing them far more efficiently and at a lower cost than ever before. 

The Paradigm M-Series™ provides detection applications that are specifically tailored to meet operational needs. The range of services offered includes real-time streaming and point sensor data capture, level detection alerts to support voluntary certification requirements, LDAR workflows, as well as source identification and quantification for regulatory compliance, and fine-tuned LDAR programs. With high-accuracy threshold detection and accurate locating of leak sources, Paradigm allows operators to reduce their labor and truck-roll costs.   

Proactive measures in preventative maintenance and early detection play a crucial role in supporting energy producers to effectively manage risk arising from satellite-based global methane detection initiatives. The satellite-based methane detection initiatives are garnering substantial support from regulators and rapidly gaining momentum. These initiatives are making emissions data captured from the sky publicly available even before energy producers become aware of it.  

A single solution framework can address many of the methane emission management needs of operators. Thus, resulting in significant savings and risk mitigation.

An industry first: SLA-backed SaaS

Paradigm M-Series™ strongly believes that validated, trustable, and auditable data forms a fundamental differentiator. Customers are supported by an industry-first IoT SaaS backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) in the methane monitoring industry. 

The Paradigm Service Level Agreement encompasses performance commitments that ensure high detection accuracy, low false positivity, comprehensive coverage of assets at a basin scale, reliable data, robust data security, and uninterrupted data availability. 

  • High detection accuracy  
  • Low false positivity 
  • Basin-scale coverage of assets 
  • Data reliability 
  • Data security 
  • Data availability

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